Exposure unlocks rapid growth for Australia’s fastest growing brands like & using big data intelligence combined with rapid creative velocity.

Cassie Bell

Have been recommending exposure to every business owner I know.

What they produced really exceeded expectations - super creative, engaging video ads that outperform statics by a mile. Delivered ahead of the deadline and within budget.
Awesome! Thanks for the kind words Cass!
Cassie Bell Client of Exposure

Cassie Bell

Founder, Butter Insurance

Tom! Just wanted to know more about Exposure?

Tom Mansfield

Gabe/Exposure are the strongest and most agile performance-driven creative shop we've ever worked with in Australia to date. They consistently over-deliver on assets so that our account is full of variations to test. 
Tom Mansfield Client of Exposure

Tom Mansfield

Founder, Vital+

How was the experience with exposure?

Richie Wu

Exposure delivered high-quality performance-style creative with format and pacing all held to best-in-class standards. Gabe is a very knowledgeable and humble business partner who takes the time to deeply understand your customer painpoints.
Richie Wu Client of Exposure

Richie Wu

Growth, Eucalyptus

How was the experience with exposure?

Charli Walters

Exposure have been a dream to work with, smooth process, light touch, got the brief, delivered the assets with very minimal changes and we have seen promising results using across both TikTok and Meta.
Charlie Walters Client of Exposure

Charlie Walters

CEO, Koh

Tim Veron

We used to do our UGC videos in-house, but didn't have the time to do proper research and ensure we were optimising for performance.

Gabe and the team were quickly able to understand our product and market, put together a research-backed plan and then execute some super high quality creative - and its performing really well in Meta.
That's what we do here! Appreciate it Tim
Tim Veron Client of Exposure

Tim Veron

Founder, Vively

Adam Morris

Work with Exposure...now! The team at Exposure are super easy to work with. They have a wonderful understanding on content that converts. They provide insight that we would otherwise not have.
Fk yeah, thanks Adam!
Adam Morris Client of Exposure

Adam Morris

Managing Director, Mingle

Our Creative Formula

Give your business the unfair advantage it deserves

Built To Feel In-House

"It's 2024, piss-weak agencies are rampant. Trust me, I was on your side of the screen a couple of months ago working at Eucalyptus until I said fuck it, I'm going to do something about it.

Exposures the brainchild of 10-years of shooting commercials for the likes of Hermes, Google, Adidas, (+more) and internally scaling up Australia's fastest Telehealth startup (Eucalyptus). Its a performance marketers wet dream. I built it to fix every issue I was experiencing."

- Gabe | Founder

An Unfair Advantage

By partnering with us you get the power to predict market trends before they happen. Absolutely annihilate your competition by leveraging insights from Australia's fastest growing brands. The most sought after brands partner with us to experience this competitive advantage.

We tap into over 10,000 unique points of data per client. In the past year alone we have over $150,000,000 in ad spend. We know what works.

Yep, Full Service

We're full service, which means we do everything, but a lot of clients say we should mention this more:

Your typical UGC agency will ship your product out to the lowest bidder, and mark it up by thousands. So depending on how they feel  on the day, that's how your content will perform. You'll also have to chase it up for weeks. We're on set, directing and shooting the talent. We keep shooting until everything's perfect. We have the footage, so then we can get first drafts within 24-48 hours.

We've worked with Porsche, Google, and Hermes, so the level of quality you get per shoot wipes the floor clean with these "drop-servicing UGC agencies".

Exposure Has A Proven Track Record With

Here are just a few of the brands we engage with, representing a mere 0.2% of our work. These brands trust us, and they are all leaders in their respective fields.


Australia's leading women's health platform, Juniper, has empowered over 50,000 women with personalized care and life-changing results.


Australia's leading men's health platform, Pilot, has transformed the lives of over 100,000 patients with tailored care and real results.


Australia's premier destination for luxury fashion, epitomises timeless elegance and unmatched craftsmanship in every piece.


The leading creative brief management platform, empowers over 10,000 teams to streamline their workflow and boost creativity.


Australia's leading brand for healthy and delicious seasonings, offers a wide range of natural, additive-free products loved by thousands for making cooking easy, flavourful, and nutritious.


Australia's #1 pocket money app, empowers over 500,000 families to teach kids smart money management with ease.


Australia's leading blockchain platform, powers over 100 million NFT transactions with unmatched scalability and security.


Australia's leading eco-friendly home cleaning brand, Koh, trusted by over 1 million households for safe and effective cleaning solutions.


Australia's leading fresh pet food brand, trusted by thousands of pet parents for delivering tailored, nutritious meals to their furry family members.

Four Seasons Condoms

Australia's premier online destination for sexual wellness, offers a vast selection of top-quality condoms and lubricants, delivering discreetly to thousands of satisfied customers.

Skin Control

Australia's top acne solution brand, helps thousands achieve clear skin with effective, vegan-friendly pimple patches and affordable skincare products. Selling a product every 7 seconds.


Australia's leading health supplement brand, trusted by over 500,000 customers for premium, science-backed wellness solutions.

An Agency That Shows Their Pricing. Refreshing, Right?

We don't do lock-ins. But for any client that needs creative strategy, we require a 3 month minimum.

Our Launch Package is perfect for brands looking to make a significant impact with a smaller investment. Ideal for those just getting started or testing new strategies.
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12 Video Ads
3 Static Graphic Ads
3 Animated Graphic Ads (GIFs)
Ready Made Scripts
1 Creator Included

TLDR: Here's What You Achieve with

Some brands seem to have an "unfair advantage" that makes their ad campaigns perform exceptionally well. It's not just about having a bigger budget or better products. It's about using our unique, performance-first creative process to stay ahead of the competition.

Price of Acquisition for Customer at Exposure

Improving Metrics That Matter

Boost ad ROI, scalability, and profits. Imagine the spillover effect this will have on your growth plans for your business, hint, it'll transform it.

Folder of assets Exposure provide

Creative Ads Delivered To You

We look after everything, from directing the shoots, to delivering the final work to you, all you have to do is approve it (it's always a yes from clients).

Chart of winning ads that Exposure have made

Better Decision-Making

Stay ahead of trends and shifts, gain market share and leave competitors in the dust with insights from $150M ad spend, allowing insane savings in creative testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

To sum it up, I was on your side of the screen a couple of months ago working at Eucalyptus. Exposure is everything I wish existed and more.

Why don't I just hire a team full time?

To build a team like this internally would cost over $140k in payroll per month. Forget all the benefits, laptops, gear, insurance, etc. They also wouldn't have the insight from over $150M in ad spend over the last year. Oh and hiring talent would be an extra $$$. You probably won't have enough work to keep them busy, which means you'd have to go through a couple of "restructures".

Oh, and when they start dropping the ball, you have to put them on a 6-week improvement plan, go through the entire process again, lose months of your internal teams work, and waste precious money and time onboarding.

Why should I go with exposure?

Imagine if you had a team that already knows what ad formats going to work? Once subscribed, you're given access to learnings from over $150M of ad spend in just the last year that has helped Australia's best companies scale. We then spend 100's of hours collecting over 10,000 data points. It essentially lets us sit in your ideal customers head when scripting out ads, we know exactly what levers to pull.

Also your typical "agency" sends your product to the lowest bidding creator, and marks it up by thousands. That's what you've been paying for babe, wake up. We're actually onset, shooting, meaning you get ad ready content within 24-48 hours. No one has that kind of turn around.

How does the competitor tracking feature work?

We have an always-on feature that connects to Facebook and TikToks API's which allows us to monitor your competitor's ads. It also gives us access to their highest converting landing pages. Is it legal? Sure. Frowned upon? Definitely.

You're working with my competitor, I need a non-compete.

Fuck, poor you...
Schedule a call, we'll be happy to refer you to some of our "competitors".

Want to lower your CPA?

Eliminate shit creative

Focus on high performers

You need exposure